Commitment phobic

We’ll keep deluding ourselves
With birthday and anniversary dinners
Collecting crystal, making love,
Buying pleasure in music and vacations.

And we’ll laugh at each others’ jokes
Sometimes only because we don’t want
Minute-broken hearts or complaints of how
Someone else always “laughs at my jokes”.

We’ll have children, maybe,
If you’re not too old and I, not too fat
And we’ll give up smoking and frivilous shopping
So that they can have that
Trip to the moon.

And then, old, spent and perhaps happy,
We’ll pray for peace and children who love us;
Till we see, in our geriatric wandering,
A minute of pure, clear, light

Flashing loud and clear, even without our glasses.
Then we’ll wish we could live our life all over again
Differently; Or, wait, wish to be reborn
And not take the same turns.

Or we could just be honest now, my love,
As you lie, satisfied and sweaty, on me
Your mouth a luscious O against my summer skin
And vow never to say ‘I do.’

October 9, 2007.

11 thoughts on “Commitment phobic

  1. Therestlessquill

    I am not sure I understand your question, Wonderstruck. But I’ll try answering it. Firstly, i am happily married to a wonderful man 🙂 But I am also the speaker in the poem, many times. Having said that, if I weren’t married, I’d be happy to have him not say ‘I do.’ I like the uncertainty it allows and the opportunities it provides. Marriage provides a whole different set of opportunities, which I enjoy as well.



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