30 and counting

What do I like about having turned 30?

I like that I have mellowed in all the right places. I am still impulsive and I still am careless about who I make friends with. But I am also careful about judging someone. I am slower to judge, but not as slow as I’d like to be.

Increased libido and opening up of sexual worlds. It helps that there’s a husband on the scene to oblige.
You still look like you are in your mid or early 20s — if you are south indian, that is. If you are a washed-out, cranky, whiney north indian then you lost the looking young battle when you were 21. Yes, I am bigot. So people look at you and say whoa! 30, you don’t look it. (What the hell is 30 supposed to look like anyway?)

Add to that two kids and a reasonably well-kept exterior, I am always surprising people. 🙂

I am taken seriously at work even though I wear dresses that end above my knee and moderately plunging necklines because, come on she’s 30 right? She should know what she’s doing. Muahahahah yeah, right!

I can legitimately go for facials and not pretend that my skin is nature’s gift because I washed delinquent doggies last birth, free of charge. It’s a whole different thing that the very two kids who make me look good also come in the way of my trip to the salon.
I like saying thirty.

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