Orders accepted.

So here’s what I’ve been doing when I have time from work, spending time with my girl, taking care of my boy, washing bottles, cleaning up rooms, following up on stories and chatting with the husband.

Here’s what I used to create the necklace.

And this

And this is how it turned out. The scarf too.

Yes I am accepting orders 🙂

8 thoughts on “Orders accepted.

  1. The Restless Quill

    Grandmother.Hmmm… ahem. Already I am pissed off with people saying, “you're a girl, so of course you do things like this.” WTF?! I challenge half those people to find regular girls like me who do “girly” stuff. We are so busy negating our girly side.
    But you know, crochet's is all I can do 🙂 Also did you know crochet is seeing a revival world over (read America)? You should see some of the stuff that gets made.


  2. roopscoop

    oh myyy!! i wanna learn to knit!!! i had a friend who recently knit an afghan and inspired me to pick up knitting needles. sadly, nothing productive is coming out of the needles yet though eheh.


  3. The Restless Quill

    TMM: Oh my god. can i marry you!? finally someone who likes my necklace. Tell you what. Set up an address when you get to know me better and won't worry about me being a stalker or north-indian person murdering paedophile. i'll have a necklace ready for you in a colour you like (two if you want one for your baby). For Free. Shipping included.



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