Unofficial, unscientific (but important)

Survery of thievery in Muscat, Oman. So my non-Muscat readers, do excuse me and wait for later today when I post another smashing edition of “life and times”.

Till then, all of you who live in Muscat but haven’t already gone over to Suburban’s blog and read her latest, do so now and do the needful.

Wishing you all weather devoid of hail, massive rain, tsunami-like alerts.

4 thoughts on “Unofficial, unscientific (but important)

  1. deepa ravi

    jeez this is scary. muscat used to be such a happy, peaceful place. reading about the spate of robberies is very worrying (yes i did go to the link and read all the comments). things are really changing there aren't they? whatever happened to the sleepy omanis? šŸ˜¦


  2. Lydia

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