Thank you, Blog Adda

My post, “Stop Calling it Eve Teasing. You’re being molested, not teased” was chosen by Blog Adda as one of its Spicy Saturday picks. While I would have preferred a more happy topic to have been chosen as my first form of blogging recognition, I am nevertheless happy that more women and men will read this and hopefully be affected by it.

18 thoughts on “Thank you, Blog Adda

  1. The Restless Quill

    All of you thank you so very much. I wish it had been a happier post and I wish the word “spicy” wasn't associated with this post, but hey, I am not going to look a gifthorse in it's dentures πŸ˜€
    Thank you so much for being supportive and so kind. Also A BIG THANK YOU for contributing to that post with your comments and stories. You have no idea how much it touched me.


  2. shai

    Then there are those who think they write very well. Mistakenly. Use big fancy words in all the wrong places. 'Improvise' where a simple 'improve' would do. That kind of thing. If you haven't had access to the education that makes you at home in English, I can understand that. But destroying the language and then not having the self-awareness to understand what you are doing, that I can't forgive.



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