I watch airplanes at night.

And my writing is on a freeze. Some stuff to blog about  but I’ve been advised to wait. Till then, here’s what I’ve been  up to. 

1) Picking up my reading habit.

2) Enjoying the kids.

3) Practically getting no sleep.

4) Losing some weight.

5) Thinking about living on another planet.

This completely pointless post was so that you guys don’t think I died.

20 thoughts on “I watch airplanes at night.

  1. Sree

    If u do find an exciting alternative to Earth, do let me know. I wouldn't mind a change of location either.
    Oh yes..and the weight loss. If the tricks work, pass it on unless it involves: No chicken. No Spice. Only salads all day. A strict no-no to ice-creams. No coffee ever.
    Everything else I can handle. My blog has my latest “weighty tragedy”.
    Until then happy sky-watching.


  2. The Restless Quill

    All of you are so lovely, actually taking time out to say nice things! Do you guys like hugs? Please consider yourself hugged in a big warm one.

    Sree: Sree, this is the best part. I should be the happiest woman in the whole world. I am losing weight doing nothing 🙂

    Chinkurli: I am afraid it's not too good and I was not too okay. But now I am, thanks to my best friend in the whole world 🙂 But thank you so much for caring.

    Curry Pan: Thank you for missing me! And erm.. okay, they watch you back. Erm.

    Starry Eyed: You, my strong friend, can join me anywhere 🙂 I'll keep you updated on the planet thing. You don't know how much I need it.

    Indianhomemaker: Do you know how much that means to me? I am usually pretty clueless, so when someone says something that makes sense to me, I feel touched. So yes, I will, thank you!

    Shailaja: Thank you for caring, really!


  3. The Analyst

    Life on another planet should be interesting.

    Lists are a great way to get off the hook if you're out of content aren't they (I don't mean this in a bad way my own last post was a list reminding me to come up with something nice).


  4. Rithu`s Dad

    Was wondering what is happening with your blog & its post? I know you are around her, and still writing a lot for Thursday & ET.. !! Hope you have got a great summer break, come back fully refreshed. Looking at it, may be we should expect a post about “wait loss” simple and easy ways 


  5. Spirited Seeker

    Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do 🙂 Or wait, it comprises walking on the grass, looking at the airplanes, reading and all that we miss out on much of our life. Enjoy!


  6. notgogol

    And I expected a long rant on how watching airplanes is an important step towards making the world a better place. Pah!

    Your new blog template that gives only a sneak peek at posts is very misleading you know 😐


  7. The Restless Quill

    PG: Spoken like a true woman. 😀

    RJDV:Thanks, girl. Much appreciated

    The AnalystHaha, yeah. Lists save the day.

    Rithu's Dad: Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Dragon: So touched 🙂 and I really appreciate the little nudge. “Local writer”: giggle 🙂

    SS: I wish it were that easy for me 🙂 The one thing I can't do is do nothing. Give me lessons?

    Tamanna: Resolution? We'll wait and see 🙂 I hope you'll blog about what you're waiting for.

    Solar: Nice lines 🙂

    NG: Do I really come off as a boring “Save the planet” kinda girl. Yes, that's my complaint with the design.

    Should I be acknowledging this Claudia Lawrence?



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