A bit of a mix-up.

Don’t sigh in relief yet, my BB friends in Oman. Telecom Regulatory Authority just might ban services, yet, even though newspapers this morning might tell you otherwise.
No doubt, all of you have heard about this fuss with BlackBerry in the Gulf Arab region (specifically Dubai and Saudi Arabia) and to some extent India. As of this morning Times Of Oman put this story out (syndicated from Reuters) about services for Oman not being disrupted.
The newspaper has been trying to get TRA to respond or make a statement on the issue for a while but the regulatory body has remained quiet till now. And will continue remaining quiet, according to my impeccable source.
The word is that the TRA here has not issued any statement at all. “We are puzzled at the reports and there is an investigation on as to how this “statement” went out. We have not issued a single statement confirming or denying the possibility of a ban,” say my source at the TRA. So for those of you who breathed a sigh of relief reading the papers this morning, sorry to be the bearer of uncertain news.

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