It used to be that we’d toss and turn with curiosity and desire
The kisses we devoured earlier that day wet our eyes
And touched the replay button so that when we lay awake
Yet dreaming, the ravaging played on loop, and all we saw
Were thirsty tongues, and hungry hands.
They’d keep us up, these tongues, with words and kisses
Till it was no more enough to think about them
And it was no more enough to stay awake thinking about them
So we’d sleep with a seeping wetness at the centre of us
Our insides turned to pools.
Now, we lie awake, waiting for a sun to rise somewhere
Over an ocean we don’t see, counting forward hours on the clock
Waiting for the phone to buzz, hoping the tablet will light up
With kisses from yellow faces and hugs that are sometimes misspelt
While the internet keeps us company in an insomniac vigil.


4 thoughts on “Awake

  1. S

    This describes Long Distance Relationships so well. I have been in one, until a few weeks back. And I see myself in these lines here. Me, once upon a time.

    Awesome stuff!



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