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A little man, some woman, all me.

So I’ve been tagged by two people on the same tag. The very lovely Quicksilver! and the thoughtful Goofy Momma.
The tag is, basically, this.
I am to write down 10 things that people of my gender cannot do/should not do/have never done.
This is a tough one to tag me with because, as my regular readers (all five point three of you) will know the lines in my head that divide things are pretty blurry. My good and bad distinctions, my girl-boy differences and my too much-too little demarcations are pretty fuzzy. So I am going attempt this after having given it a full week of intermittent thought. You’ve been warned. Don’t you judge me on this.
I also strongly believe (and this is something that’s like breathing to me, not something I’ve learnt) that there are no clear gender roles. There is nothing a man can do (which is not biological or involves walking around bare-chested in public) which a woman can’t or shouldn’t do. That we refrain from doing certain things only points to our wisdom. So tolerate me if you think these are not typically ‘male’ things. This is just my classification of what I think are men’s prerogatives, usually. 
Here’s my list, then. 
1) I watch sport more than once in four years. At the risk of getting beaten up by my sisters, most women who have been tweeting, FBing and living football this last month, have been doing it only during the World Cup. If I have TV that’s not been taken over by someone in the family, I watch sport that doesn’t necessarily involve 20 nations. 
2) I know my cars. Really well. 
3) This might be complicated, so bear with me. Men, notice how you put a tee shirt on? Women, do the same thing. And if you have access to each other dressing or undressing, observe how they do it. See a difference? Yes. At least, for most of you. 
I don’t wear tee shirts like a lot of women do. I don’t put it over my head first, then poke one arm through, followed by the other. I pull it on to both arms first and then pull it down over my head. Same thing when I take it off. I tend to cross my arms in front of me and pull it off in one shot. 
Now that you know my dressing habits, may be I should tell you how I shave. 
4) I can shop for the most important things in life in half an hour flat. And I don’t need to “see what’s in Nalli’s or hop over to Zara for one last look.” Whether it’s a wedding sari, precious jewellery or a toy for the kids, half an hour is a lot of time for me.
5) If I need something I’ll buy it. I won’t go back home to pick up a charger I left home or take a detour to office to pick my spare up if I am in a hurry or am travelling or something. I’ll just stop somewhere and buy a third. 
6) I always shake hands when I meet someone new. 
7) I can catch really well. If something’s thrown to me, at me, I can almost always catch it without dropping. With one hand, with two hands, stretching my hand way out, any way. 
8) I like a little of the feminine in my men. I don’t now how that figures here. (I am not going to qualify this one till someone explicitly asks me to, okay? Okay.) 
9) I don’t care about walking in the sun or getting my hair messed up in bed. 
10) I always offer to pay for a meal, first. Not just my share, but all of it. I have no issues with that. 
That took some effort. Quicksilver, Momma, you both will pay. I vow revenge. But meanwhile, here’s someone breaking all kinds of stereotypes. He’s cute, to boot. (Thanks, @LailaNasseri for the link.)


I know I am supposed to do my second post in the Faking It series but that’s taking longer than necessary. So Excuse me, my thirsting millions.
Meanwhile, I love tags. So much that I just lifted a tag off here and am doing it because I am so secretive and I feel too exposed if I say anything about myself without a reason and this tag is such a wonderful way to express myself without feeling like I want attention and without revealing any details. 😀
Kidding. I love tags and this is the latest one doing rounds. Or I am just catching on late. Also, long ago, someone had tagged me but as I didn’t check my comments section for the longest time I didn’t realise I had been tagged and didn’t do the tag. So this is atonement for that. And for losing that reader.
SO, the tag.
Reveal 7 random things about yourself.
Here are the rules of the tag.
1) You have to tag 7 people.
2) You have to link their pages in  your tag post
3) You  have to leave a comment in their comments section telling them they’ve been tagged.
4) You have to say who tagged you. 

Here I am.
1) I adore sharpeners
2) I always knew I would have one divorce in my kitty.
3) I am a competent palmist — if you believe in that sort of thing.
4) I used to get along excellently with men. Now, I don’t get them. These days I much prefer the company of women friends.
5) I didn’t like children till I was about 25.
6) I own yellow shoes.
7) I can never maintain a manicure.

I tag Judy, Goofy Mama, Mumbai Diva, Mitra, The Analyst, ThoughtEngine, Abhipraya